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June 2016

27 Jun

Health on two wheels

You guessed it about bicycle! For healthier life go every day by riding the bicycle: it should be the new slogan in terms of keeping a beautiful and healthy lifestyle. Whenever you ride a bike in the park or at work, cycling has a lot of advantages that cannot be ignored by absolutely anyone.

27 Jun


Rich in vitamins, minerals and protein, #Spirulina is used in ancient times as a natural medicine with no side effects. It is an alga with a high content of vegetable protein (50-63%) – three or four times higher than that protein found in the flesh of fish or beef.

24 Jun

Umami Café Matcha

True, Matcha now has its own cafe in Paris!

What is Matcha?

This is a powdered green tea with a delicate taste obtained by grinding green tea leaves. Because the whole leaf tea is consumed, we can enjoy a greater concentration of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibres. More here