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July 2016

31 Jul

Suntem ceea ce mancam!

Suntem ceea ce mancam sau, cu alte cuvinte, spune-mi ce mananci ca sa-ti spun cine esti.
Ce inseamna aceasta afirmatie?
Este foarte important sa stim ca alimentele pe care le consumi iti influenteaza in mod direct felul in care gindesti, muncesti, dormi, inclusiv felul CUM ARATI.

26 Jul

The perfect dress for summer!

For us women, it’s a difficult task when it comes to choose our perfect outfits for a mini-vacation! And we are part from the category “I have nothing to wear”, therefore we thought to inspire a few outfits that do not take up much room in your luggage and are suitable when you plan “quick run to the seaside”.

21 Jul

Dress type Stewardess

How many times have you dreamed to became a stewardess ? Each of us women wanted to wear even once for a day stewardess uniform .
DYO  come to help you and prepared for you this look !

21 Jul

Green Health

… What could be better than to begin a morning in full form with pampering and energy received from a green smoothie! A classic breakfast doesn’t have even 10% of the nutrients that a green smoothie has, but instead many more unwanted calories!