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September 2016

22 Sep

Ce culori o sa purtam in toamna/iarna 2016-2017

Conform Pantone, paleta de culori pentru toamna 2016 este o unitate de putere, încredere si complexitate condusa de familia albastru si urmata de tonuri de pamânt si culori vibrante. Pantone LLC – o organizatie care este expertul in domeniul reproducerii culorilor, si care anual stabileste rating-ul culorilor cheie ale fiecarui sezon.

18 Sep

Minerals that a woman’s body needs!

Many women feel that if they have a balanced lifestyle, they have good health. Not true. Foods we eat don’t always provide all the nutrients we need, so it would not be bad to include in your diet a few key vitamins and supplements that keep you energetic and healthy.

18 Sep

Get rid of sugar addiction

There are other phrases to bore you and I’ll get right to the point. Yes, sugar is a problem, is the poison we all became addicted to.
The fact that refined sugar is involved in the occurrence and spreading of cancer globally is no longer a secret, but unfortunately not everyone understands that.

18 Sep

Ginger Tea!

Although most of us have the impression that colds are most often encountered in winter I come to bring a complement. Summer is notbypassed by the seasonal flu viruses that are everywhere around.

10 Sep

Reguli de baza in moda  de la Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel(1883-1971) este una din personalitatile feminine pe care le îndragesc mult, de asemenea o admir pe Coco Chanel pentru ca a avut curajul sa le ofere femeilor libertate si individualitate prin intermediul unor haine simple si comode.
„Moda trece, stilul ramâne acelasi“, acesta este motoul dupa care Coco Chanel s-a ghidat si pe care a încercat sa-l  transmita  Femeilor  din întreaga lume.