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November 2016

30 Nov

Healthy dessert-dose of energy!

A dose of energy full of nutrients. Today is about a sweet and healthy experiment. Because sometimes I don’t like to lose much time in the kitchen I decided to do something quickly and only a few ingredients I had on hand.

30 Nov

Iodine – health benefits!

Iodine is present in the body in small amounts, but it’s essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, can affect our immune system, change activity of cardiovascular system and airways.
It’s an essential element both in pregnancy and during lactation in order to facilitate the infant neurological development.

23 Nov

Joie de vivre #Provence

rovence was placed on the long list of places I necessarily wanted to see and every time I was dreaming of a trip to this French province I imagined huge lavender fields, a large purple sea…