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April 2017

29 Apr

Bee Pollen – superfood !

L iving in the century of speed, always concerned about various activities and worries, we forget about our health. After a while, we find that we are stressed, tired or sick, devoid of lust, and the illness does not delay to make a visit.

20 Apr


H ow about if today we don’t talk about beauty, fashion, or how healthy is a particular food? I’m talking about what it means to be a woman. Being a woman is more than having breasts (of course this part is important :)), being a #woman is a Talent!

3 Apr


I thought back to this topic, “happiness”, based on a theme of meditation that goes something like this:
“How much does it cost to gift happiness?”
“Nothing ..” -this is the first answer that crossed my mind. I was scared, thinking how many versions of giving happiness are up there.