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27 Jun

Coconut oil perfect for a beautiful skin

About coconut we need to know, first of all it is a beauty product because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties. In addition is a great moisturizer and very considerate of our skin.

A box of coconut oil is all you need to have in your cosmetics cabinet. It’s so fabulous because it is versatile, being absolutely effective for all skin and hair types, is made up of saturated fat (90% of the entire contents) of vitamins E and K, but is rich in iron.

E'la blog

E’la blog

Some of the benefits of this wonderful oil for our skin

  • Slows the aging process;
  • Beautifies the skin;
  • It’s one of the ingredients found in products intended specifically for people with dry hands, chapped, irritated and inflamed;
  • Moisturize and soften the skin;
  • It Is a good exfoliator especially when mixed with grounded coffee or corn flour and cinnamon, coconut oil becomes an effective scrub;
E'la blog

E’la blog

  • Calms Irritations (indicated for use after shaving, serves as antibacterial). This is why can be used to combat stretch marks. Therefore can be helpful in fighting the remaining stretch marks after pregnancy or after sudden decrease in weight. Make local massage with circular and energetic movements.
  • Make up remover – Healthier, more powerful, yet natural. Yes, you can remove your makeup with a pad and a little coconut oil.

Coco Chanel said that nature gives you the image that you have in 20 years, while 50 years you will have the one you deserve!