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23 Nov

Is craving will lead you or you will?

Cravings are an important reason due to which many people fail to make a change in their diet. Most, even if they know very well that that delicious food does not do well, they still cannot actually quit .

Is a link of dependence that been created in childhood and cannot be broken only with their own will. Faster a person gives up his life, health and wellbeing of his own body than his lifestyle of eating.

  • Hunger and Cravings are confused very often, hence the confusion that people say “I listen to my body” and the body requires “cake and chocolate”.
  • Cravings appears as a sense of urgency to eat, and torment you if you do not satisfy it, you receive a state of annoyance, irritation and even pain of all kinds (headaches, stomach etc.).
  • Instead Hunger is not torturing us, it is not urgent and does not cause any pain. Hunger is a subtle sensation that stomach feels. The body would choose, if it were left to eat what brings the greatest benefit, not what lust says. If you crave chocolate, but not fruit or greens wink you, then you are not hungry. If you were hungry, and you really feel it, it might attract fruit and greens and you enjoy them. Most cravings are created emotional and mental, not physical.

Fast and efficient ways to master cravings:

  •  Learn how to distinguish hunger cravings.
  • Eat enough food, you think that brings benefit in that time, so you do not have moments in which you are very hungry. When you don’t eat enough then can appear the unbearable craving moods. When you go somewhere take some fruit or cooked meals very easy to carry.
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E’la blog

  •  Hydrate yourself properly with water, because thirst can be confused with hunger.
  •  Respect the three meals of the day plus two healthy snacks. Big gaps between meals can cause you to choose very fatty and sweet foods to satisfy your hunger quickly.
  •  Eat foods rich in protein and fibre.
  •  Use vinegar in salads (try to avoid balsamic vinegar because it generally contains caramel). Vinegar regulate blood sugar and decreases cravings for sweets.
  •  Find healthy alternatives to the desires that you have. Instead of cake in the cafeteria, better eat a fruit or make a raw vegan cake! Find more recipes here!


  •  Be careful, on the labels not always says but can find dextrose sugar, brown rice syrup, corn syrup, cane syrup, glucose, lactose, molasses, sucrose, agave nectar, maple syrup, etc.
  •  Reduce stress and moments of irritation. In these moments you are very vulnerable and can easily cede control.
  •  Try to have an active life. Exercise helps you feel good, what causes you to follow a healthy diet.

The only way to master desires depends solely on your will, to learn and to raise awareness. No one can help in this regard.