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22 Jun

What does “Living in harmony” mean?

… You know you live in harmony when you feel quiet there, in untold depths of your being, your soul.

“The harmony between the physical, mental and physical is the key for maintaining health and balance in life”

I think the first step towards a fulfilling life full of success and happiness is to be in harmony with yourself.
Be more concerned with yourself, with your soul and your body! And above all and in all circumstances to love yourself to stay in harmony with your soul.


  • A Living in harmony means to accept yourself and others as they are;
  • A Living in harmony means to have the strength to follow your dreams;
  • A Living in harmony means to understand this point and everyone in this world;
  • A Living in harmony means to choose to see the positive aspects of any situation, choose to see the good and beautiful in every man instead of focusing on the negative aspects;
  • A Living in harmony means to forgive, to love and bless everyone and everything;
  • A Living in harmony means giving up all masks and be yourself;

Living in the here and now helps you to be in balance. But steady as you do not touch it if you woke up in consciousness and do not know who you are and what the purpose of your coming into this world. Otherwise and Osho said: “The key to living in harmony is acknowledgement”

You have already in you all what you need, intelligence and gifts with which you were endowed at birth, in order to get the things they want. Look carefully just inside yourself to discover who you really are and what is the purpose of your life. Seeking solutions within yourself, putting your questions is the safest and fastest to get the answers you are looking at the problems that you face.