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Category: Energy

3 Oct

Live this!

“If a person lives every moment, that person cannot be stressed. Stress occurs when we think about the future, when we make various assumptions, but we don’t know really what will happen. If you’re here every moment stress disappears. My advice is to be here now. Live this! ” Quote from Swamini Supriyananda.

24 Aug

Say thank you!

To us people usually have to happen something bad to appreciate what we have. Most often, we focus on things we lack, we are not satisfied or pleased and forget to look at beautiful and positive things.

22 Jun

What does “Living in harmony” mean?

… You know you live in harmony when you feel quiet there, in untold depths of your being, your soul.

“The harmony between the physical, mental and physical is the key for maintaining health and balance in life”

I think the first step towards a fulfilling life full of success and happiness is to be in harmony with yourself.
Be more concerned with yourself, with your soul and your body! And above all and in all circumstances to love yourself to stay in harmony with your soul.