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Category: Fashion

18 May

Fashion Night Couture 2017

F ashion Night Couture Event Organized by Philippe Noel, President of the Millennium Concept and Keri Lise Anderson, FNC Press Officer, held on April 26 in a spectacular Salon des Miroirs, at number 13 of Passou Jouffroy, Paris 9, near the Musée Grevin.

6 May

Masculin vs Feminin!

W e women are always tempted to wear a piece of clothing in his wardrobe, but the most interesting part is that in 2017 it has become a trend for a woman to wear masculine clothing!

6 Jan

Urban Fashion Show Paris

If is Paris then to rain with walks, with hours spent in beautiful café shops, fashion events.
I really need to tell you about my experience of 18 December from Joseph Minimes Gallery, where I participated as a blogger and even a model.