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Category: Fashion

26 Jul

The perfect dress for summer!

For us women, it’s a difficult task when it comes to choose our perfect outfits for a mini-vacation! And we are part from the category “I have nothing to wear”, therefore we thought to inspire a few outfits that do not take up much room in your luggage and are suitable when you plan “quick run to the seaside”.

21 Jul

Dress type Stewardess

How many times have you dreamed to became a stewardess ? Each of us women wanted to wear even once for a day stewardess uniform .
DYO  come to help you and prepared for you this look !

14 Jul

How do we dress to an event!

All women met with the situation: “I don’t have what to wear!”
Because Paris is a city that offers always a hyperactive life and where all the time we can participate in various events in different areas, we thought to inspire you with our outfit we wore it to a workshop event.

8 Jul

Ultra Feminity

Dyo always comes to help with ideas for renewal of wardrobe, where the dress details make the difference !
This time , we propose two 100% cotton dresses which are undoubtedly the best choice for hot days , cotton is in trend this summer as well.