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Category: Fitness

1 Nov

HOW we gain weight because of the stress?

Somehow we trying to lose weight and seems like something holding us back? Refrain from what you love, doing sport and yet the scale needle remains in place? If lately you all went to bed full of worries and negative thoughts, maybe this have something to do with the fact that you fail to lose weight. You heard that stress is harmful? Of course yes! Well, stress can decrease your chances to lose weight, you may even gain weight!

18 Sep

Get rid of sugar addiction

There are other phrases to bore you and I’ll get right to the point. Yes, sugar is a problem, is the poison we all became addicted to.
The fact that refined sugar is involved in the occurrence and spreading of cancer globally is no longer a secret, but unfortunately not everyone understands that.

15 Jul

Jumping the rope

If you are bored of the same routine of exercises at the gym or jogging, try something new … Jumping the rope is the perfect exercise to burn calories and avoid cellulite problems. Although is the childhood game, it is also very popular among athletes, models, boxers. You can try to turn jumping the rope in a pleasant activity, which at the same time will help you lose weight or staying in shape, having many benefits on your body!