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Category: Recipes

11 Oct

Raw cake – Ideal for a healthy lifestyle!

We all know that the fire action on the food at a temperature higher than 42 degrees Celsius destroys vitamins and enzymes. Because we don’t process thermal or chemical the raw-vegan desserts, which are processed cold, obviously these nutrients are preserved and have all the energy of nature in a desert!

21 Jul

Green Health

… What could be better than to begin a morning in full form with pampering and energy received from a green smoothie! A classic breakfast doesn’t have even 10% of the nutrients that a green smoothie has, but instead many more unwanted calories!

12 Jul

Learn to prepare your own protein bars!

To buy a good and healthy protein bar is not exactly the easiest task. Since many such protein bars – contains sugar, hydrogenated fats, preservatives and other elements free of nutritional value. Instead if you make your own protein bar, this will be healthier, tastier and much cheaper.