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30 Nov

Hermina-“Elegance comes from Basarabia”

Because for winter we feel the need for more heat, we thought to present a local brand filled with warm Hermina, in the project Elegance comes from Bassarabia!

With our visit to Chisinau, I could not miss the chance to make a visit to Hermina workshop, where I discovered beautiful things what conquer our hearts and present them to you in our outfits. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that behind the Hermina brand, works daily in a team of beautiful people, hardworking and passionate about everything they do.

E'la blog

E’la blog

Hermina brand is the 4th consecutive year on the market and emerged from the idea of creating knitted garments for the local market of high quality at a good and right price.

Hermina uses only raw material imported from Northern Italy, of exceptional quality. 5% of the products they manufactured, are composed of 80% natural yarns.

From the many products we have chosen to present some type knitted sweaters and oversize mallet, is a must have for this winter.

For a relaxing winter day out for a Detox tea we created a casual day attire with large mesh knitted sweaters with intricate ornaments are the main tendencies of fashion cool.

Inspired by beautiful autumn from Chisinau we chose to create a casual day Outfit street style, stars of this outfit being the mallet and oversize sweater Hermina.

For an interesting look I accessorized the mallet sweater with matching plaid skirt that is top for years, and a pair of booties with thick heels.

And If you’re brave adopt a bold look accessorize the oversize sweater with long socks that are in vogue this year and add a splash of color with a trendy pair of boots from 2016 to 2017.

We were conquered by Hermina brand through quality, price and professionalism. Try to discover them as you will find products for men and women, from 16 to 50+ years and the prices sounds even more attractive -100 lei (scarves, hats) to 700 lei (sweaters, blankets, etc.).

For your convenience sales are made online, directly on Facebook with deliveries anywhere in the world. Delivery in Chisinau is free.
Or you can make them a visit here:
1. Fashion Salon Cosânzeana (str. Stefan cel Mare 184)
2. Linella.Din Heart (str. Dumeniuc 12 Ciocana)
3. ZORILE shopping center (Calea Iesilor. 8, 2nd floor, but.PASSER.)
4. Cosânzeana (Stefan cel Mare 132)
5. METRO 1 (str. Chisinau 5, com. Stăuceni)
6.METRO 2 (bd. Dacia 61)
7. KÜPPERS (str Theatre 6)

We are glad that we have in Moldova brands that can compete any international brand!

E'la blog

E’la blog

DYO always comes up with proposals for women who like challenges and want more than common products!

Experiment with DYO!

Sweaters –Hermina
Scarf and hat – Hermina
Gray skirt – Parubina
Skirt with squares print – Zara
Boots – Zara