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6 May

Masculin vs Feminin!

W e women are always tempted to wear a piece of clothing in his wardrobe, but the most interesting part is that in 2017 it has become a trend for a woman to wear masculine clothing!

When you’re out of ideas, but you want to experience new things, follow our advice :

  • Open his closet, choose a shirt that suits your pants and, for a more masculine accent, match it with a pair of straps! To keep your Femininity add to your look a colorful scarf and the “saints” stiletto.

  • If you want to dare more, dress your jacket and accentuate your waist with the right belt! Fill in your look with a pair of stockings and a pair of sandals that will highlight your legs!

And there you go, you’re ready to get out in town! 🙂

Experiment with DYO!

Photo by  Nicolas Kartinka