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10 Apr

Classy & Fabulous

“A girls should be two things ” Classy & Fabulous”  
To nobody is a secret that Coco Chanel is an inspiration to all women.

Exactly here and our inspiration came when we chose the outfits to drink our coffee on a rainy day at one of our favourite cafes (which always find good coffee with vegetable milk) L ‘Avenue!

We do not need a special occasion to dress Classy & Fabulous, we like to drink coffee with style! 🙂

To build your safe and modern black & white outfit you only need a few pieces that are in everyone’s wardrobe. Black flared pants, white shirt / blouse, all accessorized with a dose of originality will help intimidate rain as we did .

Inspire yourself in our outfits to look Fabulous!

DYO always comes up with proposals for women who like challenges and want more than common products!

Experiment with DYO!

Photo by Irina Beloglazova