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23 Nov

Did you have breakfast today?

Do not say you ate cereal with milk … It’s a combination very harmful for the body!
We know that breakfast is called, rightly, the most important meal of the day. Our health and figure needs a balanced and nutritious breakfast. Therefore it is very important what we eat and how we combine foods.

Of what you should be aware, even if it looks good?

  •  NOT latte. Milk diminishes the stimulation action of the coffee. If a bitter coffee is digested in 20 minutes, the milk remains three hours in the stomach.
  • NOT Fruit yogurt or yogurt with cold meats. Both combinations are not recommended, because the fruits must be eaten on their own before the meal or 2-3 hours after eating, and the second because it combines two types of animal protein (are indigestible).
  • NOT Omelet with cheese and sausage. Already we speak about three types of animal protein, which means their digestion will leave you without power, which will focus for several hours in the stomach.
  • No honey in hot liquids. Besides losing the 300 active ingredients contained in the honey, it becomes toxic when its temperature passes 40 degrees Celsius.
  • NOT Cereals with milk, as I mentioned above. The combination is powerful indigestive because it ferments carbohydrates and proteins rot. It follows an accumulation of mucus and many gases that we do not need to start the day.

And then what you choose? Energetic smoothies, oatmeal / cereal with water, simple coffee, simple scrambled eggs, soft boiled eggs, fruit, vegetable milk, and in generally avoid combining foods from different food groups.

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