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27 Jun

Health on two wheels

You guessed it about bicycle! For healthier life go every day by riding the bicycle: it should be the new slogan in terms of keeping a beautiful and healthy lifestyle. Whenever you ride a bike in the park or at work, cycling has a lot of advantages that cannot be ignored by absolutely anyone.

So to see the benefits of a constant bike rides, both in terms of healthy living and beautiful body.

    • You will sleep better – a morning bike ride will make you tired in the short term, but will do wonders for sleep during the night.
    • Protect your intestines – physical activity reduces the time required by food to cross the intestine, limiting the amount of water absorbed by the body. Besides that protects you from feeling bloated, protects the appearance of intestinal cancer.

  • Better breathing system -regular bike ride will help, over time, strengthen the cardiovascular system, which allows the heart and lungs to work more efficiently and deliver more oxygen where it’s needed in a short time.
  • Strong bones-skeletal system gets a special treatment from the bicycle. Cycling is quite gentle on our joints and makes friends quickly with mobility and strength.
  • Muscles- When cycling body works like a machine in which all strive for the same goal: strength and balance for fast pedaling. The machine on two wheels what solicit almost every muscle in the body and puts them to work.


  • Lose weight healthy – help maintain weight and that’s because you get to burn around 350 to 700 calories an hour.
  • Each bike ride help metabolism to eliminate fats. After a 30-minute bike ride, your body will continue for several hours to burn more calories, this process wouldn’t happen if you stayed at home.
  • You look younger – regularly bike ride protects your skin from the negative effects of UV radiation and reduce signs of skin ageing. The body produces more collagen, which helps reduce wrinkles and accelerate healing processes.
  • Improves your sex life – being active physically, will improve your vascular health, and this has a powerful effect on sexual desire.
  • You are more cheerful – even if you are angry, stressed or depressed when you go for a ride, everything will change in the next 30 minutes. Physical activities that require maximum effort will make the body to secrete endorphins, which fight directly against stress and depression.


I think you understood the benefits of cycling, directed towards your health and longevity!

So don’t wait, make it a habit!