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15 Jul

Jumping the rope

If you are bored of the same routine of exercises at the gym or jogging, try something new … Jumping the rope is the perfect exercise to burn calories and avoid cellulite problems. Although is the childhood game, it is also very popular among athletes, models, boxers. You can try to turn jumping the rope in a pleasant activity, which at the same time will help you lose weight or staying in shape, having many benefits on your body!

So what are the benefits of jumping the rope?

  • Burns a lot of calories;
    Jumping the rope is using all the muscle group. It helps you to work the muscles of legs and arms and is very effective if you want to burn more calories in a very short time. It will help you tone your thighs, hips and calves.Jumping the rope for 15 minutes is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging.
  • Help you to relax;
    When you jump, your body releases endorphins, which creates a feeling of relaxation. In addition, during jumping session your breathing improves your power of concentration, relieves stress and fills you with energy.
  • Maintains your heart young and healthy!
    If you jump the rope regularly, you will improve your cardiovascular system and will increase your heart and lung capacity, will send oxygen to the muscle what you train. Also, jumping the rope increases calcium levels, and 2-5 minutes of jumping the rope every day can help prevent osteoporosis.
  • Bone wellbeing- increases bone density and prevents the osteoporosis.
  • It Improves balance;

Some tips about jumping the rope:

  • keep your elbows close to the ribs during the jumps;
  • maintain the right posture of the back;
  • not to raise your hands higher than your waist;
  • turn the rope back through the movements of the wrist and forearm, not from your shoulders;

How to adjust the rope?

  • To perform jumps correctly, you should adjust the length of the rope. Therefor for beginners it’s indicated that the rope handles does not exceed the height of underarm. If you have an advanced level, handles should reach the mid-torso.



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