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23 Jun

What foods should we consume and how long before exercise

To support the exercise and achieve the desired results we need to eat before going to the gym, but it is important what foods we eat and how long before you exercise.

It is generally recommended to eat about 1 hour and a half to two hours before exercising but if you’re going to eat fruit, they can be consumed 30 minutes before workout.

It takes 2 hours for digestion after you eat because all the energy will be used to synthesize food, not to support the exercise. If you go to the gym right after you eat you will not perform at your best and will be tired.
If you want to go to the gym in the morning, do not skip breakfast. Wake up early so you have time to make an omelette or have some oatmeal with walnuts or almonds.

Eat Oatmeal, kefir, fish, meat or eggs and you’ll have plenty of energy. Secondly, you need good fats what you can take from avocados, nuts and seeds. Your plate should be colourful, so add plenty of vegetables.

Of course, don’t forget to hydrate well before going to the gym, but also during exercise. If you don’t drink water you will feel tired and dizzy, you will breathe difficult and you will end up with a headache.
Wish you as many productive workouts!