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12 août

Experiment with Water!

W e know how important it is to be hydrated, and #water is the best liquid option to maintain your moisture state. Our body depends on water reserves. Each cell, tissue or organ needs water to function.

 What is the experiment about?  7 to 8 months ago, I decided to drink 4l of water each day to see what’s going on in my body!

  It all started when, due to hormonal problems, cellulite appeared all over my body … it was strange to me, because I was doing a lot of sports and my diet was very good and healthy!
The most I wanted to see a change in the skin and especially I wanted to get rid of cellulite! Everything has a logic, especially as we know the theory, that one of the causes of cellulite is water retention caused by insufficient hydration.
     Said and done ! I’ve been ambitious to take my experiment to the end without cheating for at least two months! I started to be careful about the amount of water I was drinking every day and I did not go to sleep until I was sure I drank 4l of water a day!

     What changes did I notice:

  •  I go to the bathroom more and more, and the close ones have to accept that I am always looking for a toilet! PS. This is the only downside !
  • I have lowered my portion of food, I’m always full.
  • It’s a lot easier to wake up the next day, I have more energy, even during training, I felt more muscular strength;
  • I feel much better, I’m not sure as hoe to explain this state, but I just feel a state of well-being;
  • Urines has become colourless – an indication of good health, as a rule, the healthier we are the colourless is our urine;
  • Most importantly, I’ve noticed that much awaited change in the skin. If you think it’s a placebo effect, know it’s not my case … I’m too self-critical and I cannot lie to myself. I even noticed a healthier skin texture, and cellulite has disappeared!

The body has adapted to the new lifestyle and I continued to drink 4l of water a day and after completing the 2 months of experiment. It has been more than half a year since then, but for me it has become a habit to drink plenty of water a day and to carry a bottle of water after me wherever I go!

You don’t have to drink 4l but you need to drink more water than usual and you will see the results after 2 weeks.