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3 avril


I thought back to this topic, « happiness », based on a theme of meditation that goes something like this:
« How much does it cost to gift happiness? »
« Nothing .. » -this is the first answer that crossed my mind. I was scared, thinking how many versions of giving happiness are up there.

Channel your energy in this direction. Happiness is a transition, something illusory, is something for the moment. If you try to make someone else happy you will see that happiness comes back to you.

For example, the simplest thing would be: to do a good deed by helping someone with something. Anything. This will bring a moment of happiness in the life of that person and your act of kindness will be retained by the university and will return your life and perhaps in another form. In case you did not know the universe works perfectly in the law of action and reaction. It depends only on us what we send to the universe, because it influences every moment through all our thoughts and our emotions.

Here is an exercise that is one of the most powerful applications of the law of attraction. Give – Receive! The exercise consists in giving nonstop for 30 days.

Give every day for 30 consecutive days. Give happiness, smiles, words, kind, love, appreciation and compliments all the people you are dealing not only family and friends but also strangers. Always speaks from the heart and give  your best in every moment of the day. Assume the mission to make everyone around you feel better in your thoughts and your kind words. If you give all that is best of you, you’ll be amazed at the speed with which your gifts will come back to you.

Choose to be happy because it is in your power. You just need a positive mental attitude.