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20 avril


H ow about if today we don’t talk about beauty, fashion, or how healthy is a particular food? I’m talking about what it means to be a woman. Being a woman is more than having breasts (of course this part is important :)), being a #woman is a Talent!

Still a woman is what she wants to be, depending on age, situation and the environment, a woman is every time something else.

We Women must be very aware of our #Femininity. Femininity is what gives us strength. Femininity is rather a way of life for women, which involves everything that means health, beauty, love, passion, creativity, depth, harmony, intuition, tenderness, elegance, refinement, sensitivity, sensuality, spirituality, wisdom, Mystery, passion, magic (I admit, a long list) … It is a state of mind that the woman emanates through all the pores, a state that comes from within us!

« Being a woman is to know that you, you can make the world better by your way of being, no matter what roles you take. Being a woman means to know all aspects of the soul, from dark to divine, and to know how to balance them. Being a woman does not mean to affirm your strength by shouting how strong you are, but to use it unseen, unknowingly and with much wisdom. »

Being a woman means being conscious of your sexual power, emotional strength, mental strength and physical strength that you have, so you can use these energies to help you become a beautiful woman, an admired woman, a respected woman, A complete woman who can do everything she plans and wants.

I propose you to start with this phrase: I am a woman, I can conquer the universe. I can fight with all the demons, I can bear any weight. And yet I can remain the same warm, gentle, loving woman.

And to end today on a romantic note, I will say: The woman … the essence without which life would not exist! I am convinced there is much to add to this topic … I’m coming back! 🙂