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24 nov.

SureFlap for my little dog!

Today is about a miracle that has just appeared in my life, but has already managed to « capture my heart » irreversibly – Ela .. I decided to have the name of my blog because this word characterizes me and I would like everything surrounds being Excellent!

For those who do not know the word « Ela », it comes from Azera language and means « Excellent ». But this word describes it very little, it is a creature that offers pure love, without asking anything in return.. (Maybe a banana, it’s just as frugal as me)! 🙂

And because she deserves the best and has already received a gift! Those from Sure PetCare made a big surprise with the newest product and the only one on the market like SureFlap Microchip Pet Door.

It’s the only product on the market that helps you keep track of your animal’s behavior while you’re away from home.

We are in the century of all possibilities and with SureFlap Microchip we can monitor our animal wherever we are through the application, receiving notifications at any time.


  • With this wonderful technology you do not have to worry anymore if you go out and your dear animal stays alone at home even for a longer period .. (those who have an animal definitely understand and agree with me, even they will appreciate this app very much, because without wanting you end up being dependent on your pet and you always want to know that everything is fine). 🙂
  • This door for your pet is located at the entrance door and so with the help of the application you can lock or unlock the door at any time, anywhere you find yourself with the Sure PetCare application. So your dog or cat can go out in the yard even if you are not home.

  • Even more so, you could set the hours for the access door. That is, you could decide in advance what time your pet can go out and how many times, so you can respect a program, which from my point of view (not forgetting that first of all I am a veterinarian) is very important for your pet.
  • What can be more wonderful than just leaving home now, knowing that you can always watch the behavior of the animal with just one click on your phone? It’s more than fantastic this innovative technology.

In conclusion I and Ela are excited about SureFlap Microchip Door! You? I hope I’ve been able to convince you that SureFlap Microchip is getting rid of your worries.