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13 juin

Étretat- Normandia

really like to discover small towns, but with great charm … France offers us this opportunity! I admit that when it comes to traveling I forget everything and I am the first one and Inga does not have much thoughts. That’s why we decided to go for 1 day in #Etretat! Is there a lot, is not it? Honestly, it was enough for us to charge our batteries a little bit!

 Étretat is a small community in the Normandy region of France. In the past, it was a modest fishing village, but now it is a famous spa resort north of Le Havre, on the seashore of the Channel of the Manec.

I knew about Etretat that due to the extraordinary and monumental aspect of the white chalets, the resort occupies an important place in international tourism, but the surprise was when we got there!

A truly beautiful landscape, a quiet beach with large stones enclosed by two huge cliffs … an absolutely divine landscape that calms you, loads you with positive energy, changes your vision of life. If you want to have a spectacular view, then you have to climb the Falaise d’Aval and the Falaise d’Amont to the little Notre-Dame church and from there you will be able to admire the whole high-rise coast.

After visiting the cliff, you must discover the town, which has a special charm, as chic, full of restaurants and souvenir shops! A meal is about 20-25 euros per person, and even a fussy eater will find there what to eat! Yes, don’t forget .. everything you order must always be accompanied by Cidru (a week alcoholic drink made by locals)! 🙂

For those who love the Golf, it’s good to know that here is one of the most luxurious golf courses in Europe overlooking the sea! Here you can find more information: http://golfetretat.com/

And for the romantic ones you must wait for the sunset .. you will not regret it! A sunset that wakes up emotions in the least romantic man …

Conclusion:Étretat is a place to be included in the « To Visit » list! A promenade on the cliff, at the Atlantic Ocean, a beach with large stones and a « positive air » that enters in your bone marrow … and yes, it’s enough just one day to feel good!