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20 janv.

Win the fight with time!

A s I have already said in another article, the skin care from early age keeps the youth and vitality for a long time. Provided it is properly cared for!
Are you proud of your routine care? I guess you’ll answer: YES, you’re getting cleaned every night, yeah, you use your daily cream, a mask twice a week. Bravo, your face will not grow old soon. That’s how it is, but how do you stand with your neckline?

#The neckline is one of the elements of sensuality. As important as the skin, but also as noticeable, it can easily trace your age, especially as the skin in this part of the body is thinner than the face and is easier to wrinkle. Although you think you are at the age at which this danger is not being followed, you must start taking care of your neckline to prevent the early appearance of wrinkles and premature aging.

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You can make your neckline your hard point if you give it the right care. You don’t need hours spent in the salon to delay the aging of the skin, but respect the same rules of care as in the case of the skin and do regular massage.

  • Every evening, after cleansing the face, you have to go down, gently wiping your neck until the cleanser disc remains clean;
  • You can use masks once a week for this area. Use a mix with what you find through the house. What you can use: olive oil, grape seed oil, honey, sour cream, egg yolk. Put a few capsules of vitamin A or E.
  • Oil compresses – Massage your neck and neckline with 1-2 tablespoons of warm oil, then use a nylon wrap and a towel around your neck and let the oil work for half an hour.

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  • Massage stimulates blood circulation – To keep your skin healthy and to prevent premature aging, the neck and neck area needs massage about 2-3 times a week. Use argon or avocado oil, products recognized for their antiaging properties. Massage with delicate, smoothing movements from the neckline to the neck.
  • Use creams rich in vitamin A, whose role in wrinkle prevention has already been demonstrated; Never use a vitamin A cream during or before exposure to the sun, because in contact with sunlight, it promotes skin cancer.


  • Hydrate yourself! Consume at least two litters of water per day because it is important that moisture also comes from within, not only from the outside. If you go to the gym, then the amount of water you consume should increase, because you lose plenty of water through sweat!
  • Use as little sugar as possible because it affects your skin’s elasticity. Glucose from sugar that reaches the blood acts negatively on the level of collagen and elastin in the body. Over time, the wrinkles appear. So reduce as much as possible sweets in the diet, but also give up bread, pasta or white rice.
  • Refreshing and toning – The simplest and most common method is to alternate cold and warm water during showering.

A beautiful neckline will always attract attention, but unfortunately, the same will one that is careless and wrinkled. And because the face, neck, and neckline form a whole, it’s appropriate to deal equally with all these three areas.