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Category: Energy

20 avril


H ow about if today we don’t talk about beauty, fashion, or how healthy is a particular food? I’m talking about what it means to be a woman. Being a woman is more than having breasts (of course this part is important :)), being a #woman is a Talent!

3 avril


I thought back to this topic, « happiness », based on a theme of meditation that goes something like this:
« How much does it cost to gift happiness? »
« Nothing .. » -this is the first answer that crossed my mind. I was scared, thinking how many versions of giving happiness are up there.

4 nov.

Longevity !

F or the fact that the way we eat directly and decisive affects the longevity, but the quality of our lives as human beings don’t think that can be disputed by anyone. But food is not the only factor influencing how much and well we live.

2 nov.

Female friendship

We met surely in a previous life! Maybe we were sisters?
A thought of mine when I wake up and  realize that today is her birthday. So I decided to write about friendship …between women!