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Vitamin E for your skin!
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Passer-« Elegance comes from Basarabia »
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Win the fight with time!
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Category: Life

3 avril


I thought back to this topic, « happiness », based on a theme of meditation that goes something like this:
« How much does it cost to gift happiness? »
« Nothing .. » -this is the first answer that crossed my mind. I was scared, thinking how many versions of giving happiness are up there.

21 janv.

Vitamin E for your skin!

E ven if we feel young inside us, we cannot pretend we do not notice how quickly time passes over us every year and leave many traces. I’ve always been of the opinion that the skin cared in  youth looks good in old age. Because beauty begins with a hydrated and smooth skin, healthy look, I will dedicate this article to  Vitamin E oil which is a miracle for skin and hair.

20 janv.

Win the fight with time!

A s I have already said in another article, the skin care from early age keeps the youth and vitality for a long time. Provided it is properly cared for!
Are you proud of your routine care? I guess you’ll answer: YES, you’re getting cleaned every night, yeah, you use your daily cream, a mask twice a week. Bravo, your face will not grow old soon. That’s how it is, but how do you stand with your neckline?

23 nov.

Joie de vivre #Provence

rovence was placed on the long list of places I necessarily wanted to see and every time I was dreaming of a trip to this French province I imagined huge lavender fields, a large purple sea…