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Category: Travel

13 juin

Étretat- Normandia

really like to discover small towns, but with great charm … France offers us this opportunity! I admit that when it comes to traveling I forget everything and I am the first one and Inga does not have much thoughts. That’s why we decided to go for 1 day in #Etretat! Is there a lot, is not it? Honestly, it was enough for us to charge our batteries a little bit!

23 nov.

Joie de vivre #Provence

rovence was placed on the long list of places I necessarily wanted to see and every time I was dreaming of a trip to this French province I imagined huge lavender fields, a large purple sea…

24 août

Holiday in Deauville

Because we haven’t been out of Paris for a long time, we need it a small  » virée  » (exit by car) … where closer and snobbish than in Deauville? A jewel on the coast of Normandy? 🙂

23 juin

Strasbourg Fashion Week

DYO a décidé de faire une courte visite à Strasbourg! Le voyage a commencé à 8h du matin et s’est terminé à 6 h le lendemain. Nous n’ avons pas eu beaucoup de temps libre pour explorer cette belle ville mais cela a été suffisant pour tomber amoureuse de ses beaux endroits!