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Category: Fitness

3 juin

Running- antistress!

When it comes to eliminating stress many people talk of complicated techniques, courses, massages, therapies, etc. , But the simplest anti stress method is not very recommended. Of course it’s just cheap, or better said, it costs nothing! 🙂

2 mai

Accelerate your metabolism!

S low metabolism is the first to be blamed when we not losing weight, and one of the main questions is how we accelerate our metabolism …? First, I must point out that metabolism itself cannot cause fattening and cannot prevent weight loss, this contributes to how calories consumed are burned and can influence body weight.

23 nov.

Did you have breakfast today?

Do not say you ate cereal with milk … It’s a combination very harmful for the body!
We know that breakfast is called, rightly, the most important meal of the day. Our health and figure needs a balanced and nutritious breakfast. Therefore it is very important what we eat and how we combine foods.