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Category: Places

19 mai

Veggie World- Paris

B ecause I’m interested in everything that means Health, I’m the first to attend any event related to this field! On April 22-23, I attended the third edition of Veggie World Paris – an exposition for a healthy lifestyle.

4 mai

Where do we go out in Paris !

I like to discover new places but especially I have a great weakness for the coffee shops and as it come the heat, I do not find any more pleasure than to enjoy my time on some French-style terrace. If I have a friend, a book, my phone, and if I add a big and creamy Matcha Latte or a detox juice … Et Voila, Paradis!

2 sept.

Ob-La-Di Paris

OB-LA-DI, a place which is in the top 5 coffee shops in Paris. I’ll admit that I learned of this place  through Instagram events, and more I was convinced that this place combines successfully design, the menu and the service worthy of a « fancy coffee » with a common sense!