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Category: Recipes

7 juin

Healthy sweets!

S omething sweet ! When you have a sweet appetite, but you are aware that summer is coming and you have to fit in the bathing suit, it makes you nervous that you can not eat a dessert because you can add a few extra pounds. The weight loss does not mean that You do not have the right to « dabble » from time to time with a dessert.

30 déc.

Dark chocolate

hocolate is the dream of every gourmet, but the one from the trade is not much nor too valuable dietary and nutritional, therefore I propose that chocolate is suitable to us that we take care of the body!

30 nov.

Healthy dessert-dose of energy!

A dose of energy full of nutrients. Today is about a sweet and healthy experiment. Because sometimes I don’t like to lose much time in the kitchen I decided to do something quickly and only a few ingredients I had on hand.

2 nov.

Autumn Raw Vegan Desert!

Having at home a few ingredients I tried to do an Autumn dessert and surprisingly came out very tasty. I am extremely pleased with the final result! What could be more tempting then one day we want to pamper ourselves with a 100% natural desert, no sugar, preservatives, colorings, a desert full of nutrients and a divine taste?

14 oct.

Medicinal Cake

This cake is a delicious way to consume spirulina! I wrote this article about spirulina, a green-blue seaweed, considered a super food. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, Omega-3 and Omega-6. Slows the aging process and cleanse the body of toxins. I think it’s wonderful to eat a cake to satisfy your taste buds and still benefits to this natural medicine!