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28 oct.

Beret- must have!

It is known that everyone associates Paris with the Eiffel Tour, umbrella and a beret … For two years now we are here, I have shown you the pictures of Tour Eiffel, the umbrella has not missed the play, but the beret I made it the « star » this year if it is a must have this year!

Being a beautiful autumn in Paris, we did not miss the opportunity to integrate it into our outfits that we proposed for you Woman!

A beret is very easy to combine with a wardrobe outfit, depending on your style!

 We can only sell you a tip: choose the color of the beret according to your mood! If you like color, choose the lighter colors, and if you want to stay on the classic choose noncori (white, black, gray). We offer you the colorful option inspired by the wonderful autumn in Tuileries gardens.

  Thanks for wonderful shoes Cristina Maxim  http://cristinamaxim.ro/.