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Running- antistress!

When it comes to eliminating stress many people talk of complicated techniques, courses, massages, therapies, etc. , But the simplest anti stress method is not very recommended. Of course it’s just cheap, or better said, it costs nothing! 🙂

From my own experience I can say that running is the best method / therapy (tell it how you want it) to eliminate any stress and in addition comes with a lot of benefits.

So before going to the pharmacy to buy all kinds of anti-stress or antidepressant miracle pills, I suggest to you to run a bit!

Let me just tell you some benefits:

  • Slows aging – The process of muscle and bone loss that occurs as we age, can slow down in the body of those who run frequently. Muscles and bones become healthier due to their action on a regular run in the park or on the stadium.
  • Improves the appearance of the skin – by sweating you will eliminate all the toxins in the body!
  • Lowering blood pressure;
  • Healthy Lungs – If you breathe deeply while you run, you will force your lungs to increase their capacity by using up to 50% more of the lung tissue that is not normally used!

  • Weight loss – Running is the best option for losing body fat. It also helps you to control your lusts! You burn a lot of calories and you get the beach body, which can be more wonderful?
  • Regulate sleep pattern – if you have insomnia, avoid taking sleeping pills, do a running program and you will get rid of this problem!
  • You have a higher energy dose.
  • Maintains healthy brain and improves memory capacity!

So, running is the cheapest sporting activity! You don’t need money, gym, personal trainer, etc. , You only need a pair of sports shoes!

Conclusion: You can take care of yourself and your health without too much money. Choose Healthy!

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