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4 mai

Where do we go out in Paris !

I like to discover new places but especially I have a great weakness for the coffee shops and as it come the heat, I do not find any more pleasure than to enjoy my time on some French-style terrace. If I have a friend, a book, my phone, and if I add a big and creamy Matcha Latte or a detox juice … Et Voila, Paradis!

So I brought together other cafes in Paris where it is worth getting to, because of the atmosphere, the unique design and the delicious drink, places where I was at least once and where, obviously, I felt good.

Given that often it’s happens to be left without inspiration when it comes to going out or there are many tourists loving coffee and good food coming to Paris for a few days, I thought to make a list of bistros, cafes, restaurants in Paris, like when you run out of ideas, to have a choice.


Liife trying to impose a new way of life: The healthy one! « The sporty, healthy way »

A new concept where you can try exclusively organic meals in one of the most fresh and friendly atmospheres.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that all menus are prepared in collaboration with a specialized nutritionist. Towards the sport you practice here you will find something suitable for you always.

Of course, you do not have to be an athlete to get here, if you are interested in a healthy lifestyle, this is the right place!

Address of Liife : 33 Rue des  Petits Carreaux; paris 75002


We go to Bonté if we want to have breakfast, or when we are looking for an intimate café, when we want to spoil ourselves with a nutrient-rich detox smoothie, along with other savoury dishes.

A relaxed atmosphere, arranged and tastefully decorated, especially as green-colour predominates.

If you are in Paris you must also get to Bonte, you will enjoy healthy salads and desserts, and colourful drinks!

Address of Bonté : 38 rue Greneta; Paris


Coffee shop and florist!
Wowww, with such a welcoming, refined design and even a little romantic as Peonies I would say it’s conquered me! It is the place where you can enjoy a peaceful matcha latte by enjoying the atmosphere full of energy and good mood.

Here you can enjoy a good cake, an avocado toast, a quality coffee, and even fresh cold pressed juices!

And of course I have to mention the smell of the flowers in this coffee shop that makes you feel good and in a bad day! For a better mood you can buy a special bouquet from them, Peonies proposes a different kind of flowers than common ones.

Address of Peonies : 81 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis,75010 Paris

I hope I’ve started your curiosity! The list remains open, I hope to complete it with as many special places as possible! 🙂