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Celery medicine for your health!

Celery is a plant, considered a miracle drug because it’s rich in vitamins and minerals that has many benefits:

  • Celery contains 95% water, for which may be included in the daily meals without threatening your silhouette. In addition, due to high fiber content, celery is the ideal food for people who want to lose weight.
  • A Recent study has shown that celery has the power to destroy a large percentage of cancer cells.
    Responsible for this effect is a compound that is found in abundance in celery, which is apigenin.

Apigenin is well known as a potent anti-cancer compound, this been demonstrated in other studies.

  • Reduces blood pressure. Celery leaves composition has its so-called « phthalides » substances that have relaxing effects on the muscles of arteries, thereby adjusting blood pressure.
  • Adjuvant In joint diseases. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties celery through constant consumption reduces symptoms of joint disease.
  • Calming the nervous system. In celery composition are some substances that act as a calming for the nervous system.
  • Treats constipation. To benefit from laxative effects of the celery, drink half a liter of celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach, this needs to be consumed in 3-4 rounds.
  • Contains minerals what your body needs: iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, not the one from table salt, but organic sodium. Precisely because of this organic sodium (salt) is indicated for people suffering from hypertension to consume celery, which will lead to decrease hypertension.
  • Celery is not recommended: Pregnant or nursing women;