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18 juin


I’ve always said that #Health is Green! That’s why today I will write something about one of the « most incredible sources of food on earth », so I described Chlorella and Spirulina Mark Adams!

1 mai

Green is health!

H ealth is the most beautiful and rich gift that nature can do! I have repeated this phrase many times and I will repeat it because we should all understand that Health is life.

16 févr.

(Français) Une tasse de santé!

Aujourd’hui je vous invite à prendre une tasse de santé et notamment une tasse de thé, parce que le thé a un rôle important pour notre santé. Il donne de l’énergie, tonifie, détoxifie et a un rôle de calmant et la consommation quotidienne augmente l’immunité de l’organisme.

12 janv.

Benefit of carob!

arob is a excellent replacement for cocoa for children, can be consumed without making them become agitated, because is very similar in taste and doesn’t contains stimulants. It may even be a very healthy alternative to chocolate, is low in calories and caffeine.