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14 Jul

One morning in the heights!

A Gift for My Mind, Body, and Soul … so I could describe Yoga Class, organized by Maison Blanche in partnership with Studio Paris Yoga Shala, on one of the most beautiful Parisian terraces perched on the roof of 15 Avenue Montaigne-Maison Blanche! A terrace that offers a panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower and, in general, the entire magic of Paris.

Thanks for the invitation, I know I was lucky to be on the list of journalists and bloggers who had the chance to stand in the Tadasana position admiring the tranquillity of Paris!

Such beautiful people and how well I felt in their presence! Such energy, such vibrations! – an unforgettable experience that is worth repeating and trying by anyone …

Because I’m interested in discovering everything associated with “health” in Paris, I was very excited to get acquainted with Maison Blanche and Limpija – a low-calorie, very moisturizing and unique taste drink. Here, too, I had the great pleasure to discover the taste of the wonderful Vegan Whole Life balls that are suited to a yoga course that offers plenty of energy!

I was also happy to know the “bio Sarmance” and “La Maison Heloise de V” products that have been up to my expectations.

If you are in Paris, you really have to try this experience and I promise you will not regret it. You will see Paris otherwise and you will feel another vibration … Just try!
For more information and reservations:

Paris Yoga Shala
9 rue Magellan
75008 Paris
01 40 70 14 44

Photo by: @elablog