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12 Jul

Learn to prepare your own protein bars!

To buy a good and healthy protein bar is not exactly the easiest task. Since many such protein bars – contains sugar, hydrogenated fats, preservatives and other elements free of nutritional value. Instead if you make your own protein bar, this will be healthier, tastier and much cheaper.

E'la blog

E’la blog

Follow these steps to make your own quick protein bar:

    • Step 1 – Choose ingredients:

– A type of protein powder 2cups (I chose My Protein Isolate, but you can opt for vegetable protein)
– Flour (50g) which can be consumed raw: coconut flour, almond flour or oatmeal. All can be found in herbal stores.
– Coconut or almond milk (100ml)
-nuts and seeds
-gojii berries
-tablespoon honey to sweeten the mixture (optional)

    • Step 2 – The mix

– Mix the flour, protein powder, nuts / seeds / gojii berries and the milk. You must add enough liquid in order to obtain a dough similar to bread. Finally you get a dough that you can shape in to shaped bars

  • Step 3 – Modelling protein bars

-Model the obtain dough into bars. If it is too sticky or too soft to be molded, add more flour or protein powder, until you get a smooth consistency. And if the dough is too dry after mixing all ingredients add milk until desired consistency is obtained. Purr a little milk gradually to make it not too liquid, and then to have to add flour or powder and protein.

  • Step 4 – freezing

-Place the bars in the freezer 30-60 minutes, until well hardened!

This is it! They are ready to be eaten, being healthy and very good option when you’re at work crunching.

I wish you good luck and inspiration.