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29 Apr

Bee Pollen – superfood !

L iving in the century of speed, always concerned about various activities and worries, we forget about our health. After a while, we find that we are stressed, tired or sick, devoid of lust, and the illness does not delay to make a visit.

My opinion is that it is often better to prevent than to treat. That is why we should take more care of us, try to create a balance in everything we do.

I know maybe many of you will tell me that it’s easy to say and it’s hard to do, or you’ll tell me that phrase that uses a lot more people: “Today it’s very expensive to be healthy”
I will contradict you! I think you do not have to give money to the most expensive vitamins in the pharmacy that are being advertised on TV if Mother Nature is so generous with us!

For example, a superpower is Pollen, which is said to be able to extend our life for many years. It contains all the 22 amino acids our body needs. It is loaded with all the vitamins in vitamin A complex B, vitamin C and vitamin E.

Let me tell you some of the benefits of pollen, I can persuade you to introduce it into your diet:

  •  Raw pollen greatly improves brain activity, being very useful for people doing intellectual work, increasing concentration and eliminating chronic fatigue;
  • The digestive system – contains enzymes that can help digestion. The enzymes assist the body in gaining all the nutrients you need from the food you consume.
  • Immune system amplifier – Pollen is good for intestinal flora and therefore supports the immune system. It has a powerful stimulant effect, tonic, antiseptic and strong antibiotic;
  • Provides cardiovascular support. Helps prevent strokes and brain attacks.

  • Sterility issues – Bee pollen stimulates and restores ovarian function, so it can be used for those who fail to get pregnant. Besides being a hormonal amplifier, there is also an extraordinary aphrodisiac!
  • Improves sexual capacity (especially in males, so you can share your pollen with your men) pollen is the male plant sexual cell.
  • Antidepressant – Contains all the amino acids needed for the nervous system to create its own natural antidepressants such as endorphins.
  • Improves the structure of the skin with its high content of vitamins. Collagen and elastin from the skin are proteins; Pollen contains all the amino acids needed to produce these proteins.
  • This is beneficial for:
  • Regeneration of the body and muscles
  • Reduction of bad cholesterol levels
  • Detoxifying the body

I cordially recommend to everyone who loves and cares about their health in particular:

  • People under stress;
  • Athletes and sportsmen;
  • People with a weak immune system;
  • People who are fighting fatigue;
  • People who want to boost their fertility

If you have a restless lifestyle and have no time to take care of yourself properly, pollen can be a kind of Saviour for you!