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12 Jan

Benefit of carob!

arob is a excellent replacement for cocoa for children, can be consumed without making them become agitated, because is very similar in taste and doesn’t contains stimulants. It may even be a very healthy alternative to chocolate, is low in calories and caffeine.

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I will share with you the properties of this wonder:

• First you should know that is healthy substitute for cocoa!
• Carob deserves to be praised for ability to regulate digestion, having natural qualities is anti-allergic, very effective anti-bacterial and antiseptic;

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Unlike cocoa, carob is alkalizing, i.e. doesn’t stimulate the gastric acidity;
• Carob powder contains large amounts of calcium (348 mg / 100 g), unlike cocoa, which, besides low calcium content is even an eliminator of calcium in the body because of its caffeine and theobromine.
• In terms of taste, Carob powder gets a plus, because having a pleasant taste, sweetish, requires no added sugar;
• It is a very healthy natural sweetener, having the ability to regulate blood glucose levels. Carob contains fiber, which helps regulate naturally the blood sugar levels, which is particularly beneficial for people with diabetes;

• Being very rich in insoluble fiber has the ability to naturally reduce cholesterol levels;
• Its recommended to us all to eat a tablespoon of carob powder daily. One tablespoon powdered carob are about 17 calories. Carbohydrates -15 Calories and proteins two calories. One tablespoon powdered carob is 0.1 grams of fat, unsaturated fats entirely. Carob contains no saturated fat and no cholesterol.
• Can be used in the preparation of cakes and other sweets, can be added for extra flavor and ability to sweeten the milk, yogurt and other preparations for loose consumption as such! Find more recipes here where I used carob!

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