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1 May

Green is health!

H ealth is the most beautiful and rich gift that nature can do! I have repeated this phrase many times and I will repeat it because we should all understand that Health is life.

And because Nature is so generous with us, today we will talk about the green foods that you need to consume. You and your close friends this spring, especially since after a heavy winter the body is devoid of many vitamins and minerals.

  • Nectars – are rich in vitamins A, B2, C, being also a very good source of minerals. Also, nettles will help you regulate your intestinal transit. Like all green plants, the iron content in them will keep you away from anaemia.
  • Green salad is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C. It’s diuretic, relieves digestive problems, fibre and antioxidant content lowers the risk of colon cancer. Also, lettuce leaves are poor in kilocalories, which is a plus for your silhouette.

  • Spinach – Rich in nutrients, spinach offers almost half of the daily requirement for vitamin A. In addition, spinach offers 14% of daily vitamin C needs for optimum health. By eating spinach, a person can also accumulate iron, calcium, folic acid, vitamin K and fibre.
  • Green celery – Not only the celery root is beneficial for health, but also its leaves. The celery leaves are excellent in food, salads and juices. Celery leaves have antioxidant action, help accelerate metabolism and have aphrodisiac effects.

  • Green Garlic – Green garlic protects us from all sorts of diseases and is excellent for detoxifying the body. It improves blood circulation, but also digestion, so it should be consumed as often as possible during this time.
  • Green beans – If you want to lose weight and detoxify your body, consume as many green beans. It is low in calories and is an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese and all sorts of other nutrients.
  • Parsley – Contains more vitamin C than lemon, orange or cabbage, to which vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, K and E are added.

In the spring, the health of the dish is pure joy! 🙂 I wish you much health!