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3 Nov

ROOIBOS- a true medicine!

A natural, decaf tea! Although it’s decaf it tastes strong and intense. What is rooibos? The term rooibos comes from African word for “red bush,” referring to the plant whose leaves are picked for this tea.

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The plant, in its natural state, has nothing in common with red bush name. Only after the leaves are picked and processed for tea they turned intense red mahogany , what justifies her name.


Health -benefits provided by rooibos:

  • Unlike ordinary tea, usually made from plants of the genus Camellia, rooibos has a very nutrient-rich antioxidant profile, but no caffeine and low tannin content.
  •  Used orally, it has been shown to relieve anxiety and emotional disorders, and respiratory conditions such as allergies and asthma.
  •  Can even treat pediatric problems such as colic.
  • It is beneficial in the treatment of pancreatitis and relieve pain caused by gastric reflux.
  •  It is used to relieve nervous tension, ease stomach and bowel pain and removes symptoms caused by diseases of the urinary system, such as cystitis or inflammation of the prostate, thanks to a powerful anti-inflammatory property held. Plus benefits offered in prostate problems were proven scientifically.
  • In laboratory experiments it has been shown that rooibos slow down or even stopped mutations that lead to cancer cells.
  •  Because is a decaf tea can be drunk by children.