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13 Apr

Why do we eat pineapple?

S imple! For good taste and because it is a rich source of micronutrients and, more than that, it’s low in calories, contains only 50 calories / 100gr;

Benefits for your health:

  •  Pineapple treats inflammation and indigestion – it contains bromelain, a digestive enzyme that favours digestion and prevents bloating. Bromelain is found only in fresh pineapple, which should be consumed, preferably after a copious meal. Enzymes found in pineapple will dissolve the proteins that come from the rest of the food, so your digestion will thank you.
    Try to avoid canned pineapple, it has almost no therapeutic value.
  • Pineapple is a good diuretic and prevents fat deposition in the body, and is therefore a reliable ally for a balanced diet. I recommend to try it as a snack between meals!
  • The increased vitamin C content in pineapple has remarkable effects on the skin as it keeps increasing the level of collagen, which is responsible for its elasticity and firmness.

  • Beta-carotene helps to hydrate and smooth the skin’s colour and antioxidants prevent premature aging of the epidermis.
  • Very good for cellulite combat but also for treating depression and improving memory and concentration capacity (due to serotonin and tryptophan content);
  • Strengthens bones, due to the high content of manganese, essential mineral in the formation of bones and connective tissues;

Contraindications: Pineapple consumption is not recommended in case of gastric ulcer.