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23 ноя

The INFLUENCE of emotions

Even if healthy eating, exercise and various healthy habits plays a very important part in terms of health, the interior health is the point from where we must begin the cure of any disease.

Happiness and wellbeing are very important for a person to be able to function at its full capacity and often people neglect these issues.

«Positive emotions improve digestion while negative emotions inhibit digestion»

  •  Grief disturb the digestion;
    To avoid getting sick, we shouldn’t get upset very often.
    Also, we should not eat when we are nervous or after we had a fight with someone. Because, digestion will be harder and stomach burns will occur.
  • Being worried causes pain;
    Anxiety and tension, concerns involves the body, leading to muscle pain in various parts of the body.
  • Distrust gives us sleepless nights;
    There are cases where insomnia or fatigue does not appear on the background of substance use for brain stimulants like coffee, as we are tempted to believe. Underlying appearance of sleepless nights can stand even our own feelings. Thus, people who do not trust themselves and are generally dissatisfied with life, can often have insomnia.
  • Anger gets the heart sick;
    When you get angry even for a short period of time, our health can be seriously affected. People who have frequent feelings of anger are three times more prone to a heart attack or a stroke.
    It is best to avoid arguments with others and thereby preventing moments of anger.
  • Think positive!
    Our thoughts are beneficial or harmful effect on the brain and, consequently, on health. We have more to gain if we adopt a positive thinking. And when we feel good, those around us feel good as well.
  • Depression, anxiety, stress are accompanied by a low immune activity;
    Just as negative emotions inhibit digestive processes, positive emotions influence physiological processes in the body. Music, laughter, state of happiness, joy, prosperity, optimism, no worries, creates harmony around us and keep us healthy.

When we relax our stomach and other organs are more relaxed and are able to fulfill their functions better and more easily.

Do not forget to be aware of what you eat and know that, to be happy and content, we need positive thoughts and emotions.
Happy is he who wakes up in the morning with a smile …