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25 фев

DYO – #Ekaterina Collection

What is DYO? A brand set up 4 years ago to create special things, especially for Women. This year on October 1, we debuted in Paris with the new Ekaterina collection. Why Ekaterina? Because I was inspired by the Strong First Woman who ruled the Russian Empire — Tarina Ekaterina

We wanted to create the image of the «Russian Aristocratic Woman in the Modern Variety». #Ekaterina is a colorful collection with unique decorative elements where have been used natural Spanish fabrics of high quality,namely velvet on silk and cotton.

Thanks to Marioara Onu, who accepted the challenge of collaborating with us and together we managed to make a great collection that was applauded and appreciated at  Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris. 

More here: Shok.md, ea.md

Even if on social networking (Instagram, Facebook) collection is presented in its couture form, this article also shows her ready-to-wear form.

The collection was designed for the Fabulous Woman who knows and wants to combine 3 elements — Aristocracy, Elegance and Sensuality.

 We offer you a styling for more special events or why not to conquer your lover, guaranteed effect! 🙂 Actually , dressing a DYO dress will show you the attitude «I am Tarina» 🙂

Keep and Touch, urmează alte noi propuneri!
Discover Fabulous Collection #Ekaterina !

Photo by Paul Spanu