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18 мая

Fashion Night Couture 2017

F ashion Night Couture Event Organized by Philippe Noel, President of the Millennium Concept and Keri Lise Anderson, FNC Press Officer, held on April 26 in a spectacular Salon des Miroirs, at number 13 of Passou Jouffroy, Paris 9, near the Musée Grevin.

And we were delighted to be invited to this event as fashion bloggers and we were really impressed! A very well organized show, with many guests!

The event is organized twice a year, and this time Sun King was represented by 9 talented designers who enjoyed their wonderful creations dedicated to women!

  • Enoka Fonseka Femininity, this is the word that would describe this collection! A collection full of romance for any woman who wants to feel like a princess!

  • Tarquin Benela collection that takes you to another world, a story of a medieval scent!

  • Caroline Febvin A superb collection that can inspire a strong woman, a collection of details that make the difference.

  • Catherine Dekerf a collection for the woman who loves and desires passion, elegance and luxury. And the dress worn by Lara Jallow was » the cherry on the cake ».

  • Marie Mirabelle Desnos, artistic director of Mira Belle-Philip Treacy, said that «the right hat can change your life.» It is true, especially if you choose personal hats, such as those created by Mira Belle. I have admired a collection of spectacular hats that inspire any woman and who define exactly the image of a strong woman!

  • Grinhilda Szendy An impressive collection of jewellery dedicated to the contemporary woman that translates its elegance and style into the simplicity of everyday life.

Thanks to the organizers for the invitation, thanks for the beautiful evening you organized, the atmosphere and the show was amazing!

A big thanks  for amazing photography:  Laurent ThouveninBarry Mouhamad ,Redouane Lilart,Marc Richez , Acmy8 PhotographyGeorges AlexandreArtur RochaPhoto’s ContactJean-josé CaddyPaul TomasiniDavy Stanley TatiStanley studio 77Sahibzada Ateeq