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29 июл

Tour Eiffel Paris Appreciation Awards 2017 & Fashion Show

Paris — the city that has places specially arranged for gorging, breathing through all the exhibitions and stores the passion for creative and beautiful, which hosted personalities such as Chanel and Dior, who has given the tone since the earliest times in the field of clothing and which deserve the full title of the Capital of Fashion!

So this is how  I describe the city that hosts me more than 1year already! Because I live here,  I benefit from the invitations I receive to participate in different events. But this time myself and Inga had the surprise to be invited to a fashion show that took place in Tour Eiffel!

Tour Eiffel Paris Appreciation Awards 2017 & Fashion Show Haute Couture — A show full of elegance and refinement but with a dose of sexiness or more precisely, a small surprise at the end!

We have appreciated all the creations, but closer to the style and soul DYO 🙂 was the shine that was presented by Sublim’Elle.

I’ll leave you here for more pictures to be appreciated by the wonderful designers!

Designers: Nacima Sublimelle; Le tailleur de bayonne; InD go Gow; Verone Creatrice;  DIITAsifa HashmiMorsure Paris;  Méghane Monatus

From the point of view of the organization there were some mistakes, but the beauty of Paris from the height and the wonderful sunset saved the situation! 🙂

Photo by Laurent ThouveninArtur RochaVibe Krs ;