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13 июл

PLUMS IN CHOCOLATE — fastest and healthiest dessert!

Th fastest and healthiest dessert! When you have a sweet tooth and don’t have much time to sit in the kitchen, what saves you is a healthy, fast and tasty dessert. PLUMS IN CHOCOLATE! Yes, yes, very quickly, you only need 10-15 minutes!

E'la blog

E’la blog

For inspiration, I was inspired by Bucuria — the largest company in Moldova specialized in the manufacture of chocolate.

Regardless it’s Plums in chocolate, Apricot in chocolate, cherries in chocolate, these candies automatically bring back my childhood memories. That’s exactly why I was determined to make something quick to approach the original taste!
Well, let’s get to work!


-20 Pieces prunes (depending on their size)
-5 Tablespoons Carob (locust bean powder) or cocoa
-5 Tablespoons  Coconut oil / coconut butter
— few drops of natural sweetener (stevia) or honey;



Put the melted oil / coconut butter then mix with carob or cocoa and sweetener! Take the prunes, fill them with halves or quarters of walnuts then besmirch them with love and smile in the created glaze, after we leave them in freezer 5-10 minutes!
Enjoy with pleasure!


E'la blog

E’la blog