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Ginger Tea!

Although most of us have the impression that colds are most often encountered in winter I come to bring a complement. Summer is notbypassed by the seasonal flu viruses that are everywhere around.

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Seasonal cold, common, uncomplicated manifested only through a simple unwell feeling and mild fever until 39, often accompanied by chills. It is also possible that some associate colds with sore throat. When calamity happens, you should not be alarmed and to give a run to the pharmacy after antibiotic, how many people are tempted to treat their first symptoms. Why I decided to write this article? Because this time I was visited by «Mrs. Cold» … From time to time, I admit even I get a cold, I am very stubborn and refuse to take any kind of antibiotic. I consider that there are many handy natural remedies that can help you pass safely over the common cold remedies and give our body a chance to heal itself, which does not happen with medicines that we have been used for so many years.

Ginger tea has been one of the best discoveries we’ve made a few years ago.

Ginger and benefits:

  • From its contents rich in oils and anti-inflammatory substances, ginger is an excellent remedy in colds and flu, being used in the form of tea, or syrup for the inflammation of the throat, hoarseness, fever;
  • It is an excellent remedy for those suffering from respiratory or digestive disorders;
  • Rich In potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper and vitamin B6, ginger strengthens immunity and resistance to diseases;
  • Ginger relieves stomach cramps, eliminates and prevents formation of intestinal gas and improves blood flow;
  •  Ginger root is often used for the relief of the nausea, to stimulate digestion and to treat toothache or sore throat;
  • It Is a good ally in the fight against extra pounds;
  • Decreases menstrual pain (try a ginger and lemon tea for pain instead of antibiotic)
  • Decreases tension;
  • Decreases bad cholesterol;

If you want to try this tea, you need: a ginger root, about 5-6 cm, juice of one lemon, honey and 1 liter of water.

  • Put water to boil, then add grated ginger and put it in the boiling water. Wait to boil on a medium heat. For the time you waiting the water and ginger to boil, put the lid on and leave a small space uncovered. When water begins to boil, turn the heat to low and wait 1 minute. Turn off the heat and cover with the lid about another 10 minutes.
  • After the liquid was cooled, i.e. when dropped below 40 degrees Celsius, you can add the juice of one lemon and 2 tablespoons of honey. Very important to wait for the tea to cool, don’t put the honey and lemon when it is still hot because: honey is carcinogenic at high temperatures, besides loses it properties and lemon loses everything as nutrients, namely vitamin C.

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